Bolbol Cockatoo

Absolutely adorable and oh so lovable! Our hand-knit baby animals are the perfect way to start or grow your cuddly creature collection. She will be so happy perched on a dresser in your home or taking flight as a hanging decoration. Bolbol means “lovebird” in Assyrian.

Certified Fair Trade by the Fair Trade Federation & handcrafted by an Iraqi artisan seeking to build a better life for her or his family.

Cockatoo measures 4" W x 9.25” H (10 x 23 cm) and is crocheted with synthetic yarn and is stuffed with polyester batting.


Bodor Abdul-Jabbar lives in Al-Muthanna Province in Iraq. Through Prosperity Catalyst, she learned crochet techniques and expanded her network and support system of artisan women. After completing Prosperity Catalyst’s program, Bodor and seven other women (who met during the training) decided to go into business together, launching Bader Albodor for Crochet. They look forward to growing their operations and hiring even more women.

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