Candle Centerpieces


These elegant pieces are carefully hand hammered into beautifully intricate designs. They can be used as stunning centerpieces, a majestic candelabra, or even an elegant advent wreath during the holiday season. They celebrate the joy and resilience of the people of Haiti and will bring a feeling of hope and harmony as you gather around your table, celebrating your family and friends.


The centerpieces are hand cut and hammered from recycled oil barrels and measure 12" in diameter.  Each one comes with a box of 5 tealights that are 100% beeswax and will burn for four hours as well as a story card providing information about our artisans and Prosperity Catalyst.

These pieces were designed by our lead metal worker, Admerson. He has been asked to train a group of women artisans interested in the art of metal working and is very excited about this new opportunity. "I love that Catalyst Collections gives me the freedom and support to be creative. I'm very excited to share my love of metal working with my fellow artisans so that they have a chance to grow as artis while supporting our communities". - Admerson 

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