Haitian Natural Honey

Our Natural Artisan Honey from Haiti is pure, raw and wholesome and 100% free from additives. We take extra care to make sure our raw honey has never been processed, pasteurized and micro-filtered.
We care about the environment with our eco-friendly, re-usable packaging and all our Artisan Honey is sustainably produced by small producers, the majority women, who care about their bees and their natural health!

Natural Artisan Honey from Haiti is high quality handmade multi-floral honey straight from the bee-hives, with all the goodness and health benefits given by Nature.

Each 2.75" W x 3.5" H hexagon jar contains 6.0oz of natural honey and is packaged in box displaying Haiti's cultural beauty with a story card providing information about our beekeepers and Prosperity Catalyst. 

Natural honey has a wide variety of beneficial sugars, organic acids, essential oils, and rich minerals and is known to strengthen immune systems.

Bees being masters of their environment and Honey production, instinctively keep their hive between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Because our Honey is all-natural and organic it will start to solidify if the temperature goes below 70 degrees. This is a natural process of raw honey and it does not affect the quality. If you prefer runny honey just place the jars in warm water (max 90F or 32C) or put it on a warm surface and it will return to its runny form. Never microwave raw honey!


This honey is harvested from 32 different beekeeping sites across the West and Nippes Departments in Haiti, involving over 1,000 beekeepers trained by Prosperity Catalyst in modern beekeeping techniques. The composition of this multi-flower honey is always different by season and regional compositions but always delicious and natural.

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