Recycled Paper Bead Bracelets


Who knew upcycling could be so upscale? These bracelets are constructed from recycled paper beads and will give you glam vibes for days.

"Ramsha" translates to "Evening" in Assyrian.

"Domara" translates to "Amazing" in Assyrian.

"Nisha" translates to "Goal" in Assyrian.

Each bracelet measures approximately 7.1” (18 cm) and features recycled paper beads, glass beads, and a lead and nickel free clasp.


Shalaw Majeed is 26 years old and from Erbil. He enjoys making handmade products and loves to save the environment from waste, which is why he uses recycled paper for creating beads. Prosperity Catalyst’s training helped him develop his bead business and taught him how to manage and expand it.

 “I love everything that helps create a cleaner environment. I am happy to be part of a cleaner value chain and hope to inspire others to shop sustainably.” -Shalaw Majeed

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